Who We Are

Women in Tech

We are women from all sorts of professional backgrounds: coders, designers, testers, project managers, writers and many more. We are a diverse mix of cultures, ages and experiences. The thread that unites us is an interest and passion for technology.


We ♥ Open Source, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Through open source code, tech events, blog posts and learning aids we encourage more women to contribute to the community and increase their technical footprint.


We link passionate women in tech to meaningful projects, providing them with a supportive environment to exercise their skills and pride themselves in creating solutions that give something back. Come see what we're all about at our next meetup!


Are you interested in volunteering with us? We are always looking for passionate volunteers with all types of skills. Whether you enjoy coding, testing, technical operations, managing teams, getting creative or whatever your forte, we welcome your time and effort to help make our projects happen. In return, we provide you with a supportive environment to practice your skills and pick up new ones with ongoing workshops and tech events. Meet some of our volunteers to find out what you could be both contributing and learning by joining WHFNP.

How to volunteer


Are you a registered non-profit or charity looking for tech help? Are you an individual with an idea that could serve a good cause? Our group of highly skilled volunteers are dedicated to bringing good tech ideas to life. From planning to design to deployment, we can work together with you to help your project find its feet or achieve its purpose better.

How to work with us

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Stay in touch and we will keep you in the loop of what we are up to. Sign up to ensure you don’t miss out on upcoming events, workshops and project news and opportunities to speak at events. We will never spam or share your details.

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Our Partners

If you would like to support us by providing a venue or sponsoring us in general please get in touch. We run frequent events and are always looking to try out new venues.

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