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Meet our volunteers

Meet some of our volunteers to find out what you could be both contributing and learning by joining WHFNP.

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Mariza Dima

"It's a rewarding experience to work as a tech developer for good causes and even more so in collaboration with women. In WHFNP we bring together strong expertise and project management with a feminine perspective in providing solutions to complex problems, and designing applications that can make a change."

Elizabeth Chesters Picture

Elizabeth Chesters

"I joined WHFNP to help me grow in a new career path into user experience, and to expand my portfolio. I also love having side projects with a full team, which gives me motivation and no excuses to procrastinate! The projects have amazing meanings behind them, each with their unique challenges."

Anna Leach Picture

Anna Leach

"I joined WHFNP because I was interested in all of the things they do: women in tech, hacking, skills improvement and helping non-profits. I loved it from the first meeting. I always knew taking on a project is one of the best ways to improve your skills and it’s much more fun to do it with lots of other interesting people and a valuable cause"

Raquel Alegre Picture

Raquel Alegre

"Ever since I joined WHFNP in their very first meetup I’ve had the opportunity to practise technologies on real life projects, teach and learn new things from other women in the group, all while making new friends and contributing to good causes. It’s being a great experience!"

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